Good Trip Mushroom chocolate bar

Good Trip Mushroom chocolate bar


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The Good Trip Mushroom Chocolate Bar is a delicious and convenient way to experience the benefits of psilocybin. Each bar contains a precisely measured dose of psilocybin, allowing users to control their experience and dose accurately. The chocolate bars come in various flavors, including dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate, providing an enjoyable and delicious experience for every user.

Mushroom chocolate bars, also known as magic mushroom chocolate bars, are a new and exciting way to experience the benefits of psilocybin mushrooms. These chocolate bars contain a specific dosage of psilocybin, a naturally occurring psychoactive compound found in certain mushrooms. Psilocybin has been found to have numerous therapeutic benefits, including reducing anxiety and depression, increasing creativity and introspection, and even helping with addiction treatment.

Benefits of using Psilocybin shroom chocolates canada, UK, US
In addition to its convenience, the Good Trip Mushroom Chocolate Bar provides a consistent and reliable experience for users. Each bar contains a precisely measured dose of psilocybin, ensuring that users can control their experience and avoid any unpleasant side effects. The bars are also lab-tested to ensure their potency and quality, providing users with peace of mind and a safe experience.
Overall, the Good Trip Chocolate Bar is a unique and exciting way to experience the benefits of psilocybin mushrooms. With its delicious flavor and convenient form, the chocolate bar provides users with a smooth and enjoyable experience, while its precise dosage and high-quality ingredients ensure a safe and reliable experience. Whether you are looking to reduce anxiety and depression or increase creativity and introspection, the Good Trip Mushroom Chocolate Bar is a delicious and convenient way to explore the benefits of psilocybin mushrooms.

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Shroom chocolate bars. shroom chocolate bars
Psilocybin, a hallucinogenic substance, is created by magic mushrooms. The fact that psilocybin mushrooms are secure, healthy, and efficient is the most crucial information to know. As a potent herbal remedy, magic mushrooms have a proven track record in treating conditions including PTSD, addiction, depression, and chronic anxiety. Magic mushrooms can increase motivation, creativity, and aid with anxiety reduction at lower dosages. Start low and gently, pulling just a bit (under 25 mg). Buy Good Trip Mushroom Chocolate Bars

Keep the vapor in your lungs as long as you can before expelling. Allow the effects to develop for a few minutes. DMT dosages range from person to person. After taking 25 mg, there are often very minor physical and mental side effects. A dose of 25–50 mg results in a greater feeling with excursions lasting 5–15 minutes. This dose may or may not cause an out-of-body experience or whole-body hallucinations depending on the individual. It is not recommended for novices to take a dose of more than 50 mg because it is regarded to be exceedingly strong. Any type of mushroom is delicious to us, regardless of its size, color, flavor, or experience

Where To Buy Good Trip Chocolate Bars
Buy good trip milk chocolate at our online dispensary for a premium experience. If you’re looking for a dispensary online to shop and experience premium quality in the taste of your shroom chocolate and other infused mushroom chocolates, we are here for you. Buy Good trip milk bars online today at for a heartfelt and enticing experience. Here at we ensure that our clients get the best experience in micro dosing by providing them with a DOSING GUIDE you can find on our site for new comers and those trying a complete whole new experience in the psychedelic world. We also ensure that our prices for all mushroom chocolate products are affordable to everyone intending to embark on micro dosing and a life time trip experience. We also offer discounts on all orders in bulk for all our shroom chocolate products. In other to know you are buying an authentic mushroom chocolate bar like good trip chocolate and know it is not fake, you have to check the scanning code on the bottum or back of your chocolate bar. Incase you don’t find a code to scan on your bar simply know its fake and stay cautious.

Magic of our shroom Good Trip Mushroom Chocolate Bar:

  • Great Taste – A chocolate bar that makes you trip your face off. How could that not be the dream? shrooms bar
  • Clean High – We formulated this chocolate bar to produce a clean high that won’t leave you crashing after the initial peak. shroom chocolate
  • True Psychedelic Experience -Just cause it doesn’t taste like mushrooms don’t mean it’s not mushrooms. You won’t find any drop in the quality of your trip, in fact, you may even decide to switch to edibles!
  • Sneaky – Sure, Magic Mushrooms are legal in CA but that doesn’t necessarily mean you want to be see stuffing your face with them. For those who want to keep it classy and discrete, nibbling on some chocolate is the way to go.
  • Versatile Dosage – The combined 3.5g of mushrooms in this chocolate is break up into versatile dosages. Each square of this chocolate bar contains approximately .6g of Magic Mushrooms, while each bar contains 3.5g. Whether it’s a micro-dose or a full-on journey, this chocolate bar has got you cover. shrooms bar


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Good Trip Mushroom chocolate bar